The Fund

Shared Future Fund (SFF) is an unconventional venture fund designed to provide rapid seed funding and useful resources to early-stage entrepreneurs committed to solving the global climate crisis.

Started by a coalition of leading businesses, foundations, and advocacy organizations, SFF’s mission is to accelerate the development and adoption of ambitious ideas that drastically reduce planet-warming emissions or otherwise address the climate emergency.

We fund up to 100 climate-focused startups that have participated in leading accelerator and fellowship programs every year.

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How it works

Rapid funding

SFF is designed to put funding in the hands of the most promising climate-focused startups, fast. Those selected can expect to receive $100,000 in funding about 10 days after selection.

Favorable terms

Shared Future Fund employs a standard Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) to help entrepreneurs save money on legal fees, and keep things fast and simple.

Global access

The climate crisis is a global problem in need of global solutions. We’ll fund the best ideas wherever they come from.

More than money

In addition to capital, SFF supports startups with the building blocks of early development, including mentorship and a network of expert advisors and industry resources.