Impossible Metals leads the way in sustainable battery metals

By: Collaborative Team

Impossible Metals, a Shared Future Fund portfolio company, is taking bold steps to address the global demand for sustainable energy.

As the world transitions to sustainable energy, the demand for critical battery metals like copper, nickel, and cobalt is skyrocketing. However, traditional land-based mining can be environmentally destructive and socially contentious. That’s why Impossible Metals is building the best available technology for responsible seabed mining and refining of these critical metals. Impossible Metals co-founder, Oliver Gunasekara described the company’s mission as “deep sea mining with a conscience” in a recent podcast interview with My Climate Journey.

The technology that Impossible Metals is developing includes underwater robots that can collect metal-rich nodules from the seabed without disturbing the surrounding ecosystem. The robots will be operated remotely from the surface and will use battery power. By combining cutting-edge technology with an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Impossible Metals is leading the way in responsible deep-sea mining.

In a recent Forbes article, Impossible Metals co-founder, Renee Grogan, outlines why the critical metals issue could dominate global economies over the next decade, given their importance in sustainable energy and technology. Impossible Metals is at the forefront of this industry, using advanced underwater robotics vehicles to collect critical battery metals from the seabed while protecting the seafloor ecosystem. The company’s approach to deep-sea mining is not only more environmentally friendly but also more economically efficient, given the higher concentrations of critical metals in deep-sea deposits.

Impossible Metals’ groundbreaking technology includes their advanced robotics vehicles that can operate at depths of up to 4 miles (6,000 meters). The robots use a combination of sensors and artificial intelligence to navigate and identify the areas where the critical battery metals are located. Impossible Metals revealed its roadmap to developing the best available technology for deep-sea mining and announced that 6K Energy has signed an LOI with Impossible Metals to purchase battery metals selectively harvested from the deep seabed. The roadmap highlights the company’s focus on sustainability and responsible practices in all aspects of its operations. This includes working with regulatory bodies and local communities to ensure minimal impact on the seafloor ecosystem. The company aims to scale up its operations in the coming years, with a goal of collecting and refining enough critical battery metals to meet the demands of the growing sustainable energy market.

Through its cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, Impossible Metals is paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future. As the demand for critical battery metals continues to grow, the company’s approach to responsible seabed mining and refining will play a crucial role in enabling the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Image: Midjourney