Congratulations SFF Portfolio Companies on Securing Frontier Carbon Removal Purchases

By: Collaborative Team

We are incredibly proud to announce that three SFF portfolio companies - Vycarb, Vaulted, and Airhive - were selected to receive carbon removal purchases as part of Frontier’s latest funding cycle. Of the twelve companies selected by Frontier, SFF portfolio companies occupy three positions.

Airhive will receive money to remove 943 tons to scale their direct air capture technology using low-cost mineral sorbents. Vaulted is aiming to remove 1,666 tons through accelerated deployment of their organic waste injection and storage solution. And Vycarb is working towards removing 58 tons through enhancing their coastal ocean alkalinity enhancement process.

Frontier’s rigorous selection process evaluated over 130 carbon removal solutions from around the world. To be chosen exemplifies the tremendous potential these companies show to make meaningful, verifiable contributions to climate change mitigation.

All three portfolio companies are pursuing innovative approaches that could see deployment at scale within the next few years. Vycarb’s ocean alkalinity work offers an energy efficient path. Vaulted is poised to handle a wide range of waste streams. And Airhive’s mineral-based direct air capture technology has potential for global implementation.

We are proud SFF was able to support these ventures in their early stages and now see them reaching key milestones like Frontier funding that will help drive further progress. Congratulations to the entire teams at Vycarb, Vaulted and Airhive on this well-deserved recognition and vindication of your solutions.

We look forward to continuing our partnership and supporting the commercialization and deployment of your approaches to reducing carbon in the atmosphere. Our shared mission to tackle climate change is scaling thanks to innovators and enablers like Frontier.

You can read Frontier’s full announcement here.