Revolutionizing carbon: DexMat's Galvorn could transform industries

By: Collaborative Team

We are thrilled to announce our investment in DexMat, an innovative climate tech company that is transforming carbon into a valuable space-age material called Galvorn. Galvorn is a super lightweight, ultra-strong, and thermally conductive material made entirely of carbon. This moonshot technology could significantly reduce global carbon emissions and enable a cleaner economy.

DexMat was founded based on groundbreaking research by Professor Matteo Pasquali and his team at Rice University. They have refined and commercialized a process to convert hydrocarbons, renewable fuels, and captured carbon into Galvorn, with support from investors like Shell Ventures, the U.S. Department of Energy, NASA, the National Science Foundation, the Air Force, and ARPA-E.

Galvorn is poised to disrupt industries like power, aviation, and automotive by replacing traditional materials like steel, aluminum and copper. It can withstand extreme temperatures, efficiently conduct heat and electricity, and is 5 times lighter than steel yet significantly stronger. When adopted at scale, Galvorn represents a multi-gigaton opportunity for carbon reduction.

We believe Galvorn is the building block for a sustainable future. It is a space-age material made for Earth, and the key to unlocking a low-carbon economy. Galvorn can help make renewable energy more efficient, enable electric vehicles to go farther, and make airplanes and spacecraft lighter and more fuel efficient.

DEXMAT’s vision is to transform the carbon problem into a carbon solution. By using renewable energy and waste carbon to produce Galvorn, they aim to create a circular economy and close the loop on emissions. We see huge potential for this technology to make an outsized impact in the coming decades.

We are excited to partner with DEXMAT and support their mission to reduce global carbon emissions through the power of technology and human ingenuity. The possibilities of Galvorn seem endless, and we look forward to helping scale this innovative carbon solution. The future is here, and it’s made of carbon.